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911 and the War on Terror

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Camera:   DCS520C.Serial #: K520C-02834.Width:    1728.Height:   1152.Date:  11/9/01.Time:   18:36:01.DCS5XX Image.FW Ver:   3.2.3.TIFF Image.Look:   Product.Antialiasing Filter:  Removed.Tagged.Counter:    [94420].ISO Speed:  200.Aperture:  f10.Shutter:  1/250.Max Aperture:  f3.5.Min Aperture:  f22.Exposure Mode:  Shutter priority AE (Tv).Compensation:  +0.7.Flash Compensation:  +0.0.Meter Mode:  Partial.Flash Mode:  E-TTL (1st curtain sync).Drive Mode:  Continuous.Focus Mode:  AI Servo.Focus Point:  --o--.Focal Length (mm):  55.White balance: Preset (Flash).Time: 18:36:01.263.